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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

There are several reasons why someone might need or want breast reconstructive surgery including trauma or congenital breast deformity, but by far the leading reason is mastectomy, the removal of part or all of the breast because of breast cancer.

Every year, thousands of women, as well as some men, are victims of breast cancer. While great advances in cancer treatment are being made, the unfortunate reality is that breast cancer is a frightening and devastating experience.

Can Breast Reconstruction Help Me?

Breast reconstruction is typically performed to restore a woman’s breasts after breast cancer has necessitated either a partial or a complete mastectomy. It may be done immediately after the mastectomy or can be delayed for months, or even years, afterward.

Breast reconstruction surgery typically involves using breast implants or your own tissue (typically from your abdomen or your back), or a combination of both, with the goal of restoring the breast to a normal shape, appearance and size. If only part of your breast is removed, our doctors are often able to rearrange your tissue on both sides so that you look as though you have had a breast reduction. This is called an onconoplastic reduction.

And I a Good Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

If you have lost either part of or all of your breast due to mastectomy, your doctor at Panacea Plastic Surgery will do a careful physical exam. We believe it is crucial to maintain frequent communication with all other doctors caring for you so that you may have a cohesive breast cancer team and achieve the best possible result from your breast reconstruction surgery.

Factors such as prior surgery and radiation often influence the type of reconstruction that may be best for you. Your Panacea Plastic Surgery doctor will explain all of the procedures in depth so that you may make the decision that is right for you. If you have only lost one breast, your doctor will also discuss your goals for your native (non-cancer) breast so that symmetry of your breasts is assured. This is often performed using an implant, or performing a breast lift or breast reduction.

What Should I Expect With Breast Reconstruction?

At Panacea Plastic Surgery, breast reconstruction is one of our most important and meaningful specialties. It is our goal to make the restoration of your breasts a positive ending to a difficult experience and to do so with unmatched professional skill, and with sincere compassion and understanding.

Recovery from breast reconstruction varies depending on the procedure you chose to have. All procedures involve general anesthesia in a hospital setting, typically with an overnight stay of 1-4 nights.

Your doctor will discuss your planned incisions, the use of drains when indicated, as well as specific postoperative instructions. Our doctors will also start you on a physical therapy program after surgery to assist with swelling and range of motion of your upper body. Your doctor will discuss pain management with you prior to your surgery.

If you are considering breast reconstruction, Dr. Abboushi or Dr. Singh would be happy to meet you in a consultation to listen to your concerns and discuss options specific to your personal needs. Please click here or call our office at (770) 929-0634 to arrange a time to take the first step toward a happier and more attractive YOU.