Men's Grooming
Surgical and Nonoperative Options


A neck lift is performed to remove and tighten the skin under the chin as well as to remove any bands that may be present on your neck. A neck lift may be performed on its own or with a facelift. Options for neck rejuvenation include liposuction or direct surgical manipulation, and often a combination of both methods is performed depending on the amount of excess skin and/or fat that may be present.

Liposuction involves the placement of a small incision under your chin, while a formal neck lift involves a slightly larger yet inconspicuous incision under your chin. When combined with a facelift, the excess lateral neck skin is removed through the facelift incision behind your ear.

Our doctors will discuss which method of neck rejuvenation is best for you. Necklifts are performed under general anesthesia. Recovery time varies depending on the method of contour used. If you have further questions or concerns, discuss the procedure further with our doctors.