Am I A Good Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure used to improve the abdominal contour by removing excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and tightening the abdominal muscles. Good candidates for abdominoplasty include those who have experienced significant weight loss, or women who have stretched muscles resulting from pregnancy and/or weight fluctuations. Anyone who has stretched stomach muscles and cannot achieve the look they desire through diet and exercise is a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

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What if you don’t have a lot of excess skin or stretched muscles, but still want a more contoured abdomen? You may be a candidate for CoolSculpting, a procedure that eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime.

Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas they’d like to get rid of. The CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is specifically designed for those who have unwanted fat that resists diet and exercise.

What a Tummy Tuck Is Not

Neither a tummy tuck nor CoolSculpting are weight loss procedures. They are both intended to remove excess skin or fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Whether you are a candidate for a tummy tuck or CoolSculpting depends on the amount of excess skin or fat you carry in your midsection. Additionally, neither procedure should be performed before you are done having children, as the stomach will stretch during pregnancy.

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