Where Is The Incision Made During A Facelift?

Though a facelift can do wonders for sagging skin and wrinkles caused by aging, many people worry about scarring. What these people don’t know is that with the right plastic surgeon, the incision is almost always discreet and hidden.

In most facelifts, incisions are hidden in or behind the hairline or in the natural folds of skin in front of the ear. There are however many places an incision can be hidden within the face.

If the incisions are made just above the ear, it will follow a line down in front of the ear and then up behind the ear. When incisions are made in the hairline or behind the hairline, your hair will be pinned out of the way while the incisions are made. You may experience some hair loss around the edges of the incision, but this is usually temporary. After adjustments are made to the facial structures under the skin and excess skin is removed, the incision is closed with very fine sutures.

All incisions will take time to heal and may not be visible until swelling and bruising subside. A visible scar will be apparent in the first few weeks after your surgery. After a few months to a year, they should diminish in size and color and be virtually unnoticeable.

The visibility of scars after a facelift depends on several factors, including the skill of your surgeon, any complications after surgery such as infection or necrosis (tissue death) around the wound, and how well you heal. You are in excellent hands at Panacea Plastic Surgery, the board-certified surgeons are facial plastic surgery experts.

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