Botox Reward Program

Is there a Botox Reward Program?

The answer to this question is YES! The name of the program is actually called Brilliant Distinctions and is run by the manufacturer of Botox®, Allergan. The program has been around for years and has millions of patients participating in the program. Brilliant Distinctions started with just a few products under the Allergan umbrella but has since grown to include every product in the aesthetics line up including CoolSculpting, SkinMedica, and Natrelle breast implants.

How do I participate in the Botox Reward Program?

We here at Panacea Plastic Surgery highly recommend you download the app from the App Store or GBrilliant Distinctionsoogle Play section of your smartphone. You will see the Brilliant Distinctions logo like the one on this page. Download it and set up your account. All you need is an email address to get started, and at the time of this blog, the company even gives you $10 in rewards just for downloading the app.

The program works like most reward programs you are familiar with currently. You obtain reward points by purchasing any of the products underneath the Allergan aesthetic umbrella (for a full list see below). After you have obtained those reward points you can redeem them for future purchases at your medical aesthetic provider’s office.

Botox Reward Program Point Levels

There are 3 different levels of points depending on what you purchase. Every 100 points is worth $10. For example, if you were to buy 1 Voluma XC filler you would get 300 points, or $30, to use next time if you wish. Points can be saved and used later, however, points do expire until you reach Diamond Level.

100 Point Level

SkinMedica Topical Products
Vobella 0.55ml syringe

200 Point Level

Botox Cosmetic
Juvederm XC
CoolSculpting Cycle

300 Point Level

Voluma XC
Vobella XC 1.0ml syringe
Natrelle Breast Implants

Reward Program Status

Like most reward programs the Brilliant Distinction program does have different status levels you can obtain depending on your activity. The levels are Silver, Gold, and Diamond. You get Silver level (0 – 599 points) benefits just by signing up for the program. This level provides you with all the functionality of the platform. The Gold level (600 – 1199 points) gives you all the benefits you had at Silver, but you get an additional 50 points with every purchase. The final Diamond level (1200+ point) provides you with everything you had at the Gold level except you get 100 points with every purchase and your points never expire! At the current time, points expire at Silver and Gold levels 9 months after the points were issued.

Do all medical practices participate in the Brilliant Distinction Program?

Unfortunately, not all practices participate in this reward program. We here at Panacea Plastic Surgery are more than happy to help our patients out and participate in the program!

Other Reward Program Features

If you would prefer to use your points toward a charity you can do that as well. Allergan has partnered with two different charities: 1) Make-a-wish, and 2) Dress for Success. Allergan will make a donation on your behalf to either of these charities (please note: these are not tax-deductible). Unfortunately, you cannot give your points to someone else at this time.

We hope that helps clear up any confusion about this amazing reward program. As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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