Why I hate the term “Mommy Makeover”

Perspectives of a female plastic surgeon and mom – Dr. Kimberly Singh

To all the mamas out there, don’t listen to the noise.  And let me be very clear- you don’t need to be made over. I hate this term, and I hesitate at all costs to use it in my clinical practice.  As women, we are constantly told by the typically male establishment that we must undo the effects of our biology. I say to be you, be the size and shape that makes you feel good and confident. Throw up a finger (you know the one) to any society that says you need to be a size zero or a size anything.  You are amazing, just the way we are!  Pregnancy is life-changing in the most beautiful and powerful ways as our bodies literally become self-sustaining generators.  The mental and physical changes that bringing these amazing little humans into the world bestow upon us forever change us as women as we begin new journeys into motherhood. So my approach to my patients as a plastic surgeon is not to frame this strong metamorphoses as a negative self-image generator, but rather a welcome acceptance of the majesty of the female body.

So here is the deal, mamas. You are in charge.  If the fact that your breasts are saggier or your tummy is not as tight or the bags under your eyes more prominent and YOU want to do something about it, then let’s talk about breast enhancement, tummy tucks, or an eyelift.  If it doesn’t bother you, go on with your life and celebrate yourself without shame or judgment as you are welcomed into the beautiful tribe of motherhood.  The new scars you may choose to place on your body should be part of your own journey, your roadmap of self-directed change, or acceptance.

And if YOU do choose that you want to do something for yourself, please be careful and particular about who gets to have the privilege to take care of you. Be smart and be sure that you are choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon – one who has completed all the rigorous training and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.  It matters! You matter!  Don’t just trust anyone. And with that said, make sure that the plastic surgeon you pick makes YOU feel comfortable and listened to as an individual. Don’t get pushed into doing anything you don’t want to do. And, of course, we hope you chose me and my amazing partner, Dr. Abboushi, to be that plastic surgeon for you. I promise that you will never feel anything less than revered and celebrated for being the amazing woman that you are.


Dr. Kimberly Singh





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