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Brachioplasty / arm lift plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin from the arms, in particular, the upper arms. It's especially common for those who have lost a large amount of weight, in particular after bariatric / gastric bypass surgery surgery.

While the benefits of healthy weight loss cannot be understated, some individuals do not like the look of their arms after they have achieved their ideal weight. In this case, an arm lift can help restore the shape of the upper arms, making them feel more confident and allowing their clothing to fit better.

Arm Lift Plastic Surgery Options

The appearance of the upper arms can be corrected through a very common surgical procedure called Brachioplasty or arm lift.

This surgery is all about removing the excess skin and sometimes fat, under the arms creating a better contour.  Brachioplasty procedures are typically completed around 2 hours; however, every patient is different, and we do not perform “cookie-cutter” procedures. Every surgery is specifically tailored to each patient based on their needs.

Arm Lift

Am I a candidate for a Brachioplasty?

The most effective way to determine if you are a candidate for any procedure is to schedule a consult with our board-certified plastic surgeons. Both Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi have years of experience helping individuals, just like you, looking for answers.

Generally, most healthy individual who wants the excess skin under their arms removed are good candidates for arm lift surgery. However, our board-certified plastic surgeons at Panacea will meet with you to discuss all the facets of your health history. Our surgeons will partner with you to ensure you are the right candidate for any procedure, including Brachioplasty.

This procedure should not be considered a “weight loss” procedure as you will need to be close to your ideal or goal weight before having the surgery. This procedure is more for patients that need help contouring their arms to reduce the sagging or loose skin.

There are other alternatives if, during your consult, our surgeons deem your goals would be better suited for another procedure like liposuction, or maybe even a non-surgical option like CoolSculpting. The good news is that at Panacea Plastic Surgery, we have all options available to our patients, and we can suggest the treatments that will help our patients reach their goals.

Getting ready for an Arm Lift

Once you’ve decided to undergo the arm lift procedure, it is important that you maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle at least 6 months prior to the surgery. Quit smoking or any other tobacco addictions at least 4 to 6 months before the surgery in order to prevent complications. Smoking leads to slowing down of the healing process and might even lead to infection.

A few weeks before the arm lift surgery, you will meet with either Dr. Singh or Dr. Abboushi to carry out a preoperative evaluation, which involves reviewing the plan you discussed with them at your consult. You can also utilize this opportunity to clear any doubts or concerns pertaining to the surgery with our team at that time.

We have privileges and partner with several hospitals in the area, and sometimes you will be required to go to the hospital for a hospital preoperative appointment, which can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lab work
  • An electrocardiogram
  • Chest X-ray
  • Medicines to be taken prior to and after surgery

The preoperative evaluation gives both the patient and the surgeon assurance that everything is on track for a successful operation.

Arm Lift Surgery

During the surgery, your doctor will begin by marking the exact points on your arm where incisions will be made. Even though multiple ways to perform the surgery exists, the most popular one is to create an incision on the back or inside of the arms. This incision is strategically chosen to make any scarring less visible as these areas are not exposed as much as other parts of the arm. Your doctor might even consider making an incision on the armpit or create an incision from the top of the elbow extending towards the armpit.

The arm lift surgery is performed after administering general or local anesthesia, which again depends on the method you discuss with our surgeons. Once the incisions are made on the pre-marked points in your arm, they will remove the extra skin and tissue. After the excess skin and tissue have been removed, our surgeons work diligently to tighten the skin and surrounding area while suturing the area for the least amount of scar possible. This provides our patients with a more contoured look to the arm.

Sometimes, our surgeons will recommend an additional procedure to give the best results. Usually, this recommendation is associated with some form of liposuction if there are stubborn areas of fat that will detract from the appearance of the arm once the excess skin is removed.

You will be discharged from the hospital on the same day. However, it is essential that you bring someone to drive you home after the surgery, as your ability to drive will be hindered after the surgery.

Recovering From Brachioplasty or Arm Lift Procedure

After the surgery is performed, our surgeons carefully dress the area with bandages and dressings. In order to control swelling, your doctor will ask you to wear the medical compression garments that we provide to you and can even insert drainage tubes under your arm to drain built-up blood or fluid. Instructions pertaining to postoperative care at home shall also be provided to you at your pre-operative visit. These often include ways to take care of the wound, medications and even warning signals that you must not ignore. You will also be provided with the details of post-operative appointments.

Scarring is a reality with any surgery. However, that is why you choose your surgeon carefully. Board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi are trained to close incisions with precise techniques to minimize scarring after any surgery. We have also curated medical-grade scar creams to use after your surgery so that you are able to manage the healing of the incision after the operation effectively.

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift Conclusion

Our goal here at Panacea Plastic Surgery is to provide you with expert care in your Brachioplasty surgery or in any procedure or treatment you want to explore in your aesthetic journey. As always, we highly recommend you perform your due diligence when seeking advice or care for any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment. Make sure you are going to a medical practice that has a board-certified plastic surgeon.

As always if you have any questions about this particular procedure please do not hesitate to reach out to our office by either filling out the form on this page or calling 770-929-0634.

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