Non-Surgical Treatments


Botox has become the most popular medical aesthetic treatment on the planet.  There is a simple reason why and that is because it works!  This effective and simple 10-minute treatment can remove fine lines and wrinkles that have bothered you for years.  Plus, it can be used to keep those wrinkles away before they develop!  Learn More


Fat Freezing?  Yep!  It actually works and there is the science to prove it plus millions of patients around the country with slimmer waists, thighs, and other areas that once had stubborn pockets of fat.  Learn More

Injectable Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers have exploded in popularity because of their wide range of uses, safe treatments, and longer durations.  These aesthetic powerhouses can restore volume that the natural aging process has taken away.  Learn More


Remove fat from under your chin and contour your jawline with a 10-minute procedure?  Yep!  This novel injectable treatment can permanently remove fat from under your chin and around the jawline giving you a more sculpted look.  Learn More

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