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Regarding Dr. Singh: This was an amazing experience. Thank all of you for all of the support and knowledge that led to a wonderful enhancement. – C.T ( April 2016 )

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: He is very attentive to the concerns and needs of his patients and he has a great personality.

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: To whom it may concern, my experience with Dr. Abboushi was excellent. He explained my procedure to me clearly so that I understood what was going to happen before and after surgery. The staff is very friendly and professional and I never had to wait hours to be seen. When visiting the office Dr. Abboushi did an amazing job on my breast reconstruction. I am very thankful. -N.P. ( December 2015 )

Regarding Dr. Singh: I met Dr. Singh in 2012 after breast cancer surgery. Dr. Singh preformed my reconstruction, Breast Lift, tummy tuck and Lipo. Recovery was great with NO problems however, I couldn’t escape the drains. She was patient, loving, kind, caring and joyful. I think it’s strange that I am excited to go to my appointments. She makes you feel so welcome and special. I have always felt ashamed of my body, no full length mirror for me. But now…..my life has totally changed. I am currently working with a personal trainer and wearing a bikini for my 60th birthday. Also, I know have a FULL length mirror and love to admire the new me. Thanks to Dr. Singh and her miracle working hands! -D.R ( March 2016 )

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi is an excellent doctor. He is very caring and compassionate towards his patients. His personality suits his profession. He is friendly and professional. He is quite skilled in the art of plastic surgery. I will gladly recommend him to anyone in need of services. Keep up the good work!!! -C.M. ( November 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi is an EXCELLENT Surgeon! I am extremely pleased with my results. The staff is the Best! – L.H. ( February 2016)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Aren’t you tired of thinking about your breasts?” This is the question Dr. Kimberly Singh asked me at the end of my first consultation at her office in September 2015. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. A mastectomy was performed on my right breast in November of that year and I opted for breast reconstruction. Following the end of chemotherapy in March of 2014, implants were completed in April. It turned out that the left breast was smaller than the right breast following reconstruction. It was then suggested that I should have the left implant replaced to match the size of the right breast. The following October I had yet another implant procedure to correct the size discrepancies following reconstruction. Now, the left implant was larger than the right implant! A third procedures recommended for an additional correction. Finally and thankfully, the surgeon who initially removed my cancer suggested I consult Dr. Singh. I was impressed with the office as well as her warm and welcoming staff. As we began to talk, and certainly be the end of my consult, I knew I was happy to have followed my surgeon’s referral to Dr. Singh. The examination confirmed that my breasts did not match and they were both too large for my frame; they both needed to be redone. With just a few simple measurements and a photo, I realized that more than anything, she is much more than a gifted plastic surgeon. She has the eye and skills of an artist to shape and restore my body. The result of Dr. Singh’s work is that I now have breasts that are so very much more like my real breasts that existed before my cancer diagnoses! Words cannot express how happy I am to have had the services of Dr. Singh. I told her many times that she had given new meaning to the phrase, “Having the weight lifted off your shoulders,” because she has literally lifted the weight off my chest! If there are women who have concerns about breast implants, my strongest recommendation is that they consult Dr. Singh. Dr Singh is an artist who has the gift and skills needed to restore body and soul. I have benefited immensely, for you see, “I don’t have to think about my breasts any longer!” -G.S. (September 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi : “What is not to be said!? Absolutely love Dr. Abboushi and the Panacea staff. Not only are they professional, friendly and great at what they do from the medical standpoint, I can also say they have a genuine concern for their patients. I so appreciate Dr. Abboushi’s patience in taking the time to answer my questions about surgical procedures and to ease my apprehensions and concerns. Definitely made a difficult process easier to endure and overcome! The same to be said for the entire staff. They are on one accord of the same spirit! AWESOME! -L.H. (November 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: “Panacea gave me my life back!!! Dr. Singh is amazing. She explained everything perfectly about my procedures and even personally called to check back on my often. I was originally a size 18 and now I am a perfect size 12 at five weeks post op. I suffered from poor body image for three long years, but now I feel beautiful. I’ve always been told I have a beautiful personality, but now my body matches it!! : ) Many thanks to Dr. Singh and the rest of the staff at Panacea. I’ve got my groove back!” -D.Z. (November 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi : Best Experience Ever! “There aren’t enough words to explain the care, treatment and professionalism I have experienced. I truly feel like they are a part of my family and I am a part of theirs. I would recommend Dr. Abboushi and his staff along with Dr. Singh to anyone of everyone. I have nothing but a heart of gratitude for them and a lot of love. Thank you for making my experience a great experience. ” -K.E. (October 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I am so happy with my decision to have my breast lift with small implants. After having two children and breast feeding both I did not like how clothes fit anymore. Dr. Singh was amazing and really listened to what I wanted. I just wanted a natural look and to fit in my shirts better. The outcome is perfect. The office staff and nurses are wonderful too. I would highly recommend any other woman with the same insecurities to have a consultation with Dr. Singh to see what your options are and to feel like your old self again! -A.K. (September 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi : I am happy with Dr. Abboushi. He is caring. He picked me up when I was down about my breast reconstruction. He lets me know my health is very important. I am cancer free, that’s what is important. In time I will feel good about my breast, I know that I am in good hands. He is caring and professional. -L.H. (July 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh and her staff is very courteous and friendly and make you feel like family. Dr. Singh is very humble and listens to all your questions and concerns and gives you positive assertiveness on what is best for you ? I am very blessed that I had a wonderful doctor to perform my tummy tuck/ lipo surgery without any complications, she is the best ever!!! Love her humble spirits ? and love her staff ? -T.B. (September 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi : Excellent Care! Everyone has been so good to me. I would recommend to anyone and everyone! -M.E. (October 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: This has been a wonderful experience. I am a two time survivor. I did not know what to expect. The office staff has made me feel extremely comfortable about what I was going through. Words can not express my feelings and gratitude toward Dr. Singh. She is simply a wonderful person. She has a bedside manner that all doctors should have. She is excellent at her care and skills. When I look in the mirror I am proud of the choice to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. She is pleasant and uplifting. I would recommend all my family and friends to Panacea Plastic Surgery. -T.T. (June 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi is the best Plastic Surgeon in the Atlanta area. He loves his patients and it shows in the way he relates with them. He is very thorough and handles his patients with extra care. I love his calm and loving demeanor! -C.O. (September 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh has been such a great surgeon. I loved most her bedside manners. She was extremely thorough on what to expect during surgery and that made me feel comfortable. Also, after surgery she made herself available to me and that was unheard of for most surgeons because after surgery you don’t get to talk to the surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Singh. The tummy tuck was excellent, everything she instructed me to do worked perfect. -A.C. (July 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: The Doctor and his staff were very welcoming. They made me feel very comfortable. Everyone in the office was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends and family members if need be. They were always there if I had questions to ask. I also would like to say a special thank you to Mollie for always taking care of me. She is super! -B.J. (March 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Absolutely the best team of doctors/staff. Every visit makes me feel like I am special and my well being is important. -S.A.(October 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Everyone in the Conyers office is extremely nice and greets you with a smile. Dr. Singh’s assistance (Mollie was gentle and answered all my questions and was very helpful through out the process.) I thank god for Dr. Singh. She is was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the entire procedure and assured me that I would feel much better after the surgery. I no longer have back pain or neck pain that I have suffered from for over 10 years. Dr. Singh came highly recommended from my Doctor and a friend. -R.A. (August 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Nour Abboushi and staff are excellent. They are the best, very friendly and warm. They make me feel very comfortable which is very important to me. I also recommend patients to them as gratitude to them. I will continue to recommend people to them. -J.F. (September 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Simply Awesome! It has been an awesome experience with the staff and the doctors at Panacea Plastic Surgery. My doctor is great and did an excellent job on all my surgeries. She is knowledgeable and has great bedside manners. I would recommend the office and dr. Singh to anyone who is about to have any types of breast reconstruction. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my surgery. -G.B(January 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I can honestly say that Dr. Singh is wonderful. I know I have several more procedures before we are complete but I have confidence that my final outcome will be amazing. -C.M. (May 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: My first appointment was so impressive. Dr. Abboushi spent so much time with me and my husband. He explained the procedure in detail. Felt at ease and quite confident. Always available for questions and concerns. I am so glad that Panacea took me as a patient! I am very happy with the results of my reconstruction. I have recommended them to a friend for 3D tattooing. Appointments are scheduled around my schedule due to working. The staff are friendly and very helpful with any concerns that I have. -G.G. (January 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I’m happier than I expected to be. It turned out to be more than I thought or expected. I cannot put into words the journey I have been on trying to get where I am today. I am so blessed that I was led to Dr. Singh by Dr. Erin Mayfield. Dr. Singh will be in my heart forever. Many thanks to everyone! -S.J. (April 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I have never been through anything like this; it has been the hardest experience in my life. But Dr. Abboushi and his staff were the best. I felt great when I went there and they treated me like they have known me for a long time. If you’re feeling down, Dr. Abboushi will walk in with a big smile! You will already feel better knowing that he cares about you and his work! -B.R. (May 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I am not great at writing, but here it goes. I have always wanted a Tummy Tuck and after having two 10lb babies I had a roll of fat that was just hanging there. I had an opportunity to have a TT while having a hysterectomy. I have to admit the first week was horrible but well worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Singh to anyone who ask. She is wonderful, kind and very easy to talk to. also, a big thank you to all her staff. -L.B.(August 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: To say that I am pleased with the results is an understatement! I am thrilled with the result, Dr. Singh’s ability and the entire staff at Panacea! There was very little discomfort and I was back to work in 1 week and at 6 weeks post op I am returning to crossfit 3-5 times a week! Just wish I had lost the weight and done this years ago! ? -S.S. ( May 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: The experience was beyond words. Dr. Abboushi is by far the best plastic surgeon. He has excellent professional physician manners and he is very caring. He seeks to satisfy the patient and achieve optimal results. He definitely did that for me. His staff worked diligently to accommodate me and make the experience pleasant! – A.M. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: My breast look amazing. They are exactly what I always wanted. Dr. Singh did a fantastic job making them look natural and a perfect size for my body and my expectations. They also feel natural. I would recommend anyone who is interested in having a breast augmentation to go for it and definitely go see Dr. Kimberly Singh. She does both GREAT work and has GREAT rapport with her patients. All of the staff members are great as well. -S.N. (May 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I have been trying for over 10 years to get this procedure done, but it was definitely worth the wait. Dr. Abboushi is amazing and so kind. He and his staff make you feel so comfortable and genuinely care. My results are amazing as well. I thought I would have scars, but they are almost unnoticeable. This was definitely worth waiting for and I couldn’t imagine anyone else performing this for me. I can’t wait to go running with no more back pain! -A.S. (May 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: My experience with Dr. Singh and her staff has been wonderful. She and her staff took their time with me, made me feel seen and heard. They are courteous, kind, professional and empathetic. I feel very safe. I am very please with the end result of both procedures. -M.R. (April 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Excellent! I am very happy with the services that Dr. Singh and her staff have provided. Thank you! -S.F. (November 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I am so happy that I finally had this done! I had been going back and forth for a few years. After going to several consultations, I finally met Dr. Abboushi. I just knew he was the right surgeon to do my procedure. From day one, I felt comfortable and had no hesitations about getting my procedure done. After I had the procedure, I couldn’t have been more happier. My back and neck feel great! No more pain! My shoulders don’t hurt at all! I feel like so much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Dr. Abboushi and Emory made this the best experience I’ve ever had! -K.E. (April 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh was great throughout my entire experience she has an authentic and comforting approach. It was important to me to have a doctor that really tries to understand what’s important to you. Dr. Singh listened and offered me the answers I needed to diffuse any concerns. Lastly, the outcome was amazing. I look and feel great! -KW (March 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: At 52 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer with lymph node involvement. I do not think I could have gotten through this whole experience without Dr. Abboushi and his staff. I had some very bad days with chemo, however every time I came to see Dr. Abboushi I would get my second wind and feel hopeful again. He nor his staff realize how very important they were to my recovery. Not only to my physical appearance but to my mental well being. I will forever be grateful. – C.B. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Kimberly Singh and her staff. From the moment I stepped into the office I felt welcomed and cared for. Dr. Singh changed by life. My breast reduction surgery was a “great” success. Dr. Singh provided the best bedside manner and I felt as if it was my sister taking care of me. Dr. Singh and her staff are the best! – W.J. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi was very thorough and explained everything. Procedure was very easy and the results were wonderful! Very professional and a very pleasant and warming staff. I would highly recommend. – C.B. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh is wonderful. She is very compassionate, kind and warm. She listensto my concerns and makes meaningful recommendations. My results are better than I ever imagined! I am very happy that that I made the decision to see Dr. Singh for the surgery that I had put off for so long. Everyone in the office has been kind, helpful and professional. Thank you! -A.C. ( March 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: After discovering I had an abnormal mammogram with potential cancerous cells developing in my left breast, the entire breast reconstruction has been amazing. Dr. Abboushi and his staff have been amazing! I was rather content with my small (A) size breasts, but non the less I am extremely pleased with my C cup now. I had both breast reconstructed and it’s like a new me at 50. They all made the procedure very personal and that has meant a lot to me! Thank you for taking time to care! – K.J. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: The office staff is always friendly and courteous. They have made a difficult time very pleasant. Dr. Singh is God sent. She is caring, thorough, and compassionate. – J.W. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I had a previous tummy tuck with another physician that I completely hated. Dr. Singh was able to complete a revision that totally transformed my look. I even had a breast lift and liposuction to my back. She is a very personal and professional physician well worth the investment. Highly recommended. – L.J. (December 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: This was a life changing experience for me. I wish I had done this 20 years ago but then I wouldn’t have met Dr. Abboushi and his wonderful staff. The results were exactly as he said and then some. I am so grateful to be at ease in my own body again. Everyone in this office shows the utmost concern for you and your health. – G.H. (November 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh is very attentive. I was not sure about getting botox. However, as I aged and saw the lines on my face get worse, I knew I had to do something. Dr. Singh is very gentle and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with my decision to do it and during the entire process. – P.K. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: 32 year old with 3 kids and much needed breast reduction. All of my back, neck and shoulder pain is gone. Dr. Abboushi did an amazing job. The staff was very friendly all of the time. My experience was wonderful. I will recommend friends and family. – S.B. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I have been to Dr. Kimberly Singh on 3 different occasions. Treatments received were botox, juvederm, and an eyelid tuck. My experiences were wonderful. Dr. Singh is extremely competent, explains each procedure and is nurturing in her style of care. The entire staff is professional, friendly and operates with a healthy sense of humor. After all, cosmetic treatments should be fun with happy end results. – C.B. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I have always had large breasts but was afraid of a breast reduction. It is the best decision I made because my back pain seized. My breasts are proportioned with my body now and the lift topped it off. Most importantly, Dr. Abboushi is very thorough, provides excellent customer service, and is always going above for his patients. He ensures the patient is comfortable. – C.H. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I met Dr. Singh the same day I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. She was
so nice and understanding. I had a double mastectomy 3 weeks later. She explained everything that was to be expected. I had a few complications due to my severely damaged skin from the radiation but Dr. Singh still allowed me to make decisions and never forced me into anything I was uncomfortable with. She was always available and if she wasn’t her amazing staff and co partner were. I have never found a doctor more giving of their time, expertise and talents. She is determined to make you a happy patient both on the inside and out! She helped me to love my body again after all I’ve been through. – L.K. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I have had a droopy stomach since I was a baby. I’ve worked out, I’m a runner and watch what I eat and it still didn’t do much of anything at all. I came to meet with Dr. Abboushi for a consultation and right away after meeting with him I was getting the procedure done. He is absolutely amazing! He made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I am so pleased with my results! He truly cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Abboushi and the wonderful staff!- K.R. (October 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I expressed my desire to Dr. Singh for a “natural” and proportional breast enhancement. She was right on the money in determining the size and type of procedure. The finished product was exactly what I had expressed to her and although I was nervous going into surgery, her bedside manner made me feel immediately comfortable. I’ve been extremely well taken care of by her and her staff! -LB, (September 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi and his staff were AMAZING! I couldn’t be happier with my choice in doctor! I went in because I was interested in a breast augmentation. I was indecisive at first because even though this is something I’ve always wanted to do, I was always scared to go through with it. After my consultation I felt much more at ease and well informed about the entire process and procedure. Dr. Abboushi and the girls at the office were very knowledgeable and professional. After the surgery they made sure to call me to check on me and to answer any questions I had. My results were better than what I imagined! He knew exactly what to do to give me the results I’ve always dreamed of! I am looking forward to summer and I am super excited about bikini shopping (something that I never really looked forward to before, lol). I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Abboushi and the entire staff at Panacea to all my friends and family! -A.L. (February 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Singh is a excellent physician. My procedure went well, no problems, especially for my age. Dr. Singh is very caring and answered all my questions about my surgery. Dr. Singh went out of her way/day to call me to check on me. -J.R(October 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: This is a procedure that I have been contemplating for about 12 years. I am very happy with Dr. Singh, Teresa and the entire Panacea team. They always treated me with the utmost respect and care. Thank you. -TC (March 2014)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I had a breast lift with augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. I have waited for several years to have my surgery and when I met Dr. Abboushi, I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon. He has a calm and in-control demeanor. I had my surgery a little less than 2 weeks ago, and already my results are AMAZING!!!!! Dr. Abboushi is so attentive, and he never makes me feel rushed. He explained my procedure me in detail, and he was so supportive with my concerns. Dr. Abboushi is extremely knowledgeable, and he has a terrific bedside manner. I am still seeing him weekly, and my post-op appointments have been just as detailed and impressive as my pre-op appointments. Dr. Abboushi pays attention to every detail: the healing process, the scarring, and even the potential issues. He is truly a “Master” of his trade. The staff of Panacea are also AWESOME. Those ladies do a great job of managing Dr. Abboushi’s office. I spoke to each of them several times prior to my surgery to make sure every detail of my surgery was covered; they took care of all the scheduling, payments, and ordering of all the garments and supplies I would need after my surgery. The ladies are always a pleasure to work with, and they do a great job of managing all the details. I could not have asked for a better experience with Panacea Plastic Surgery. I would do it all over again. I will recommend Dr. Abboushi and Panacea to everyone I know considering any cosmetic procedure. Thank you all!!! – RN, (March 2014)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I could not be happier with Dr. Kimberly Singh and Panacea Plastic Surgery. The results of my breast lift and augmentation have exceeded my expectations. Dr. Singh is a caring and extremely thorough professional in every aspect. My before, during and after surgical treatment were exceptional. The office staff at Panacea (Teresa and Mollie) always showed the utmost in professionalism. I would highly recommend Panacea Plastic Surgery to anyone in need of their services. -TB (September 2013)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: At first I was rather nervous to be making what I consider such a life changing decision. However, Dr. Abboushi walked me through every concern I had and calmly eased my fears. He’s gentle and highly professional (which sometimes is “either/or” with some healthcare professionals). He has been extremely attentive and caring during the post-op phase, even almost a year since my procedure. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have the freedom to be more physically active. My back pain has subsided and I just love the way my body looks in clothes now. I have a new found sense of confidence that I am seen and not just “the girls”. Turns out, the decision was indeed life changing…all for the better! Thank you to Dr. Abboushi and staff. Mollie and Teresa are awesome!! – JS (August 2013)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I was referred to Dr. Singh for breast augmentation. She is an amazing doctor and made me feel at ease through the entire process. I am so pleased with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Singh to anyone considering plastic surgery. – FH (July 2013)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi is a very great Dr. He did my breast augmentation and i love it. quick simple surgery with no complications, and his bed side manner is superb! no down time after my surgery so I was able to return to work with in 3 days!!! I also had very minimal scarring! – M.A.C (June 2013)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Before I came to Panacea Plastic Surgery I had a double mastectomy and I had a plastic surgeon who made a complete mess of my reconstruction. One breast looked like a rectangle, the other looked deformed. But happily, I met Dr. Singh who redid my breast and I am no longer ashamed for my husband to look at me. I now leave my bathroom door unlocked when I shower and I am just overall, very VERY happy. I would recommend Panacea Plastic Surgery to anyone who wants to look and feel great. – MF (May 2013)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I found out I had breast cancer at age 37 and it was a shock. A lot of information was given to me regarding what kind of tumors I had, and how aggressive it was. I made the decision I wanted a double mastectomy, though my tumors were only on one side, and a full reconstruction. From the day I met Dr. Abboushi he made me feel very comfortable with my decision. He explained the whole process to my husband and I and took plenty of time to answer any questions we had.I am still on “expanders stage” and am very happy with my results. I love how Dr. Abboushi takes time to make me comfortable and takes every detail into consideration. The office staff is always very sweet and accommodating. -AT (May 2013)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly Singh to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery. She cared for me with kindness and compassion and was willing to listen to me whenever I had concerns. I am 64 years old this was my first surgery. She and her courteous staff have always made me feel special. Once going above and beyond and meeting me on a Sunday when she had concerns shortly after my surgery. It has been six months now. Being patient has been the hardest part of the process for me. I certainly appreciate Dr. Singh for caring for me, but more than that, for caring about me. – SJ (May 2013)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: I had a bilateral breast reduction in January 2013. Before this procedure my neck and back constantly hurt. I walked humped over, and had permanent bra strap grooves on my shoulders. Since the procedure my neck and back no longer hurt. I walk tall and am actually able to run. This is something that was impossible before the surgery. Dr. Abboushi and his staff were so kind and helpful answering my questions or concerns. I would recommend their practice and this surgery for everyone who suffers like I did. – HB (May 2013)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Thank You! Dear Dr. Singh, I would like to thank you for the excellent care you have given me. I prayed for a surgeon like you, and God answered my prayers. You are kind, gentle, caring, and most importantly you listen. As I write this letter, not even 24 hours after surgery, I looked in the mirror and saw something amazing…my new tummy! God has blessed you with gifted eyes to see a vision, a gifted mind to critically guide your path, and gifted hands to bring the vision to pass. Thank You. Your Patient and friend, -BC (Fall 2012)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi:Dear Dr. Abboushi, Thank you for the compassion and care you have given me through this past ordeal. You were very attentive to all my needs, not only as a great surgeon but also making me feel good about myself and encouraging me to the finish. I consider you as a special new friend and would recommend you to anyone who needed reconstructive surgery. You are the best!” – MG (May 2012)

Regarding Dr. Singh: “I am 4 weeks post-op and overly pleased with my results. This surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Singh is the best surgeon around, she has a great bedside manner and follow up. Dr. Singh is really in tune with her patient’s needs and helps them achieve their wants.” S.R. (March 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: Dr. Abboushi is amazing. I waited three years to have my breast lift because I just couldn’t find a doctor I really felt at ease with. I knew he was the one. Ten days later I had my surgery. I love my new perky breasts. Dr. Abboushi did an amazing job. I would and have recommended him to all my friends. – DR (May 2012)

Regarding Dr. Singh: “Awesome Doctor! Dr. Singh and staff offer excellent service and make you feel relaxed and clam. Very much worth the visit!” K.W. (April 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: My first appointment was in March 2012 with Dr. Nour Abboushi. The minute he walked in the room we started talking. We both bonded. The advice he gave was easily understood. On April 25th before my surgery that morning Dr. Abboushi came to see me with positive words and assurance that he will take good care of me. The surgery went well as he advised. He’s number one doctor with great bed side manner. Mollie and Teresa also give great patient services. – SM, (August 2012)

Regarding Dr. Singh: Dr. Kimberly Singh performed my tummy tuck and my last minute decision to have a breast lift. I’ve wanted a tummy tuck for about 10 years now and after first meeting Dr. Singh at my consultation I knew she would be the doctor who would perform my procedure. She was so kind and patient. She wasn’t in a rush to move on to the next person. Her spirit was just awesome to say the least. After thinking about my procedure I called and made an appointment about my breast lift. Of course she told me she thought it would look great and I would look awesome. And believe me when I say she was right. I love my tummy but I can’t stop looking at my breasts. She did a wonderful job on BOTH. Also, I’ve had a couple of mishaps on my part and Dr. Singh ALWAYS called me back with a positive and uplifting spirit. She called to check on me several times.. She truly cares about how you look and most importantly your health. I am truly happy I chose Dr. Kimberly Singh as my plastic surgeon. Thank You. Love you. – LR (May 2012)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: “After years of working out with not many results in my tummy, my hubby and I decided it was time. Dr. Abboushi and his staff were awesome. He answered all my questions and explained the healing process thoroughly. The staff was always friendly and made me feel comfortable. I am extremely pleased with the results. I can’t wait for summer!” -A.L. (January 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I came to Dr. Singh with droopy eyelids. They even hung over my lashes. They were uncomfortable and unsightly. The procedure took about an hour and a half. After only a week you could see a wonderful difference. I would do it again for these results. There was very little (if any) down time. I have recommended Dr. Singh to several friends and colleagues. – CP (May, 2012)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: “Dr. Abboushi is one of the most caring & compassionate doctors I’ve ever met. He made this difficult decision in my life so much easier. He put me at ease, which allowed me to just concentrate on my recovery, I’m very thankful to him and his staff.” -L.J. (Feb 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: “Dr. Singh is simply wonderful, warm, personable, patient, interested in me and highly skillful. I admire her as a person, doing what she loves and doing it so well. She has tremendous confidence and skill as a surgeon and is an authentic person. Her staff is great too. Highly recommended to everyone.” -I.L. (January 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: “I met Dr. Singh in 2014 and she looked at me and said “It’s going to be rough and I will clean you up” and that’s what she did. I will recommend her to anyone, she is the best. I thank God that Dr. Quinones told me about her and wanted me to meet her. When I met with her I just knew she was the one for me, kind and gentle, the way she held my hands and said “It’s going to be alright we are going to take baby steps and will get there” and we have. Thank you Dr. Singh!” -T.C. (April 2015)
Regarding Dr. Abboushi: “I was referred to Dr. Abboushi by my sister-in-law who is a doctor herself. I was having issues with my previous implants and Dr. Abboushi was so kind, patient and very understanding. He listened to what I wanted and he delivered. Everyone has been so nice and supportive. I would definitely recommend Dr. Abboushi to anyone considering any kind of plastic surgery.” H.P. (Feb 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: “First of all, Dr. Singh and all the girls in the office were very helpful. Dr. Singh did an excellent job making me feel comfortable, and was very understanding about my expectations. She is a fantastic doctor ad excellent surgeon. I am very happy with my results. Over the Christmas holidays she and her staff called to check on me. Patient care is awesome!” -J.C. (December 2014)
Regarding Dr. Abboushi: “Besides getting married and having children, this was the best money ever spent for myself. I can now breathe without getting shortness of breath. I can walk without getting tired. Dr. Abboushi has given me my confidence back, and I thank him for that.”- E.A. (Jan, 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: ” Dr. Singh is a compassionate plastic surgeon. Having a mastectomy can be an emotional event, however having a plastic surgeon like Dr. Singh can make the journey so much better. Waking up from having a mastectomy without a flat chest was a very good thing for me. I’m still on this journey and hope to get my implants in this summer. Dr. Singh is a wonderful compassionate doctor and I would recommend her (and I have) in a heartbeat.” -D.L. (April 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: “It would be wonderful if all doctors had Dr. Singh’s bedside manner. She explains and helps patients work through their stages of surgery. -K.D. (February 2015)
Regarding Dr. Abboushi: “Dr. Abboushi’s expertise in eye surgery has changed my outlook from being self-conscious to feeling confident in my appearance. His calm demeanor and encouragement during recovery were outstanding. I would trust his knowledge, wisdom, training and especially his steady hands for plastic surgery anytime.” (March 2015)
Regarding Dr. Singh: “While no one wants to go through breast reconstruction, Dr. Singh and her staff made this experience most enjoyable. Throughout this procedure, Dr. Singh made me feel like a friend, not a patient. She showed true concern and even greeted me with a warm hug! Everyone in her office reflected Dr. Singh’s caring personality. They were always available every time I called, and they quickly worked me into their schedule if I needed to see them. Dr. Singh’s staff is very knowledgeable and professional yet very caring and kind. I have recommended Dr. Singh to many of my friends (should they ever need her) and will again. -L.M. (February 2015)

Regarding Dr. Abboushi: My care at Panacea was outstanding. Dr. Abboushi’s bedside manner & patient care is exemplary. Having a double mastectomy was a scary thought, however, Dr. Abboushi was comforting, supportive, & very informative. I felt like I was his only patient. Panacea is the best. Two doctors recommended Dr. Abboushi. I am glad I took their recommendation. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Abboushi.” -T.G. (September 2015)

Regarding Dr. Singh: I was recommended to Dr. Singh not only by several physicians, but also by several previous patients. The care that I have received from Dr. Singh and her staff has been above reproach. Molly has checked on me during my home recovery and I appreciated it very much. Dr. Singh took time to explain the procedure to me clearly: so that I understood all that would happen. On the day of the surgery, anesthesiologist spoke with me prior to surgery and I was comfortable with him and his ability. The overall experience has been pleasing and pleasant. – M.M. (March, 2014)