Know Thyself, Know Thy Doctor

Not all problems in life can be corrected with cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, but many of them can contribute greatly to a person’s overall self image and confidence if approached with practicality.

You’re 60 but want to look 20 again? Not a practical expectation. However, you can have procedures that will make you appear as such a great 60 that people often think you’re much younger, healthier, and more vital.

Without doubt, the most crucial choice you will make in any transformation you are considering is that of your physician. Not only must he or she be a good fit personally, but must be totally qualified to perform any of the procedures you may want.

Both Dr. Kimberly Singh and Dr. Nour Abboushi are Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are qualified to perform any of the procedures discussed in the following pages.