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Plus-Size Plastic Surgery

We are told by many patients that they have been disqualified from plastic surgery in the past because of a higher BMI.

As a body-positive plastic surgery practice, we work with our patients as individuals, and do not view them as simply numbers on a scale. Therefore, Dr. Abboushi & Dr. Singh do not use an arbitrary weight or BMI limit to determine whether or not their patients can receive surgical services.

We have been fortunate to witness life-changing results in our higher-BMI patient community after undergoing plus-size plastic surgery. And we're here to tell you that overweight, healthy individuals absolutely can be eligible for plus-size tummy tucks, large-volume liposuction, and hourglass/lipo 360, as well as a range of other procedures.

At Panacea we welcome and respect all, and are here to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals regardless of the number they see on the scale. Because at our practice, we truly believe that "Every body deserves respect™".

Plus-Size Plastic Surgery Qualifications

The primary qualifications for plus-size plastic surgery, including tummy tucks and liposuction, include:

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- Medical clearance from your primary care provider that states you are healthy enough to undergo surgery
- Excellent physical and emotional health
- Non-smoker
- Able to maintain a stable body weight
- Understanding of the procedure and recovery
- You are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant

High BMI Plastic Surgery Procedures Offered

Plus-Size Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck Atlanta - 7

Plus-size tummy tucks are one of our most requested surgeries, and a specialty of our doctors. Types of high BMI abdominoplaties include:

- Standard plus-size tummy tucks

- High BMI Circumferential Abdominioplasties (360; sometimes called "hourglass" tummy tucks)

- Plus-size Extended / Fleur-de-Lis tummy tucks

- Limited vertical incision abdominoplasties

Large-Volume Liposuction

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Large-volume liposuction (also known as high-volume lipo or plus-size liposuction) is a plastic surgery procedure performed on plus-sized patients who require a greater-than-average amount of fat removal in order to effectively contour their bodies. In this case, “plus-size” is defined by BMI, and references women and men who are in the “overweight” or “obese” BMI categories.

“Large-volume” lipo generally means removal of 5 or more liters of fat, but the total amount removed always varies based on an individual’s needs and goals.  Some may also refer to this colloquially as "extreme lipsuction," however, our doctors only perform liposuction that is safe and always consider their patients' health and wellbeing the very most important aspect of any procedure performed. Therefore, we do not advertise high-BMI lipo as "extreme" even in very high-volume cases.

Large-Volume Lipo 360 / Circumferential Liposuction / Hourglass Liposuction

Liposuction Atlanta - 4

Plus-Size Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure that removes fat to create a more "hourglass" contour around the waist for patients in the "overweight" or "obese" BMI categories. Since this area encircles the entire midsection -- 360 degrees -- it was eventually nicknamed “lipo 360.” For those who require more than 4L of fat removed, it is considered "large-volume" or "high-volume" liposuction.

While it may sound like a special surgical technique, at its core, it’s simply liposuction surgery meant to address multiple “problem” areas at once, including the stomach, flanks and back.

High BMI Fleur-de-Lis Tummy Tucks / Extended Abdominoplasty

extended tummy tuck

A standard tummy tuck only addresses the front of the abdomen in the stomach area, with an incision that runs from hipbone to hipbone. Plus-size fleur-de-lis tummy tucks (also called extended tummy tucks, as the name implies, extend farther around the sides. This helps to address excess skin in the flank area, leading to a more contoured waistline.

Depending on the needs of the patient, a vertical extended abdomninoplasty may be indicated.  This requires a midline, vertical incision that starts from the main horizontal incision and can run as high up as the bottom of the breast bone. These types of tummy tucks are most common after a patient has lost an exceptional amount of weight, often resulting from weight loss surgery.

Talk to Our Doctors About Plus-Size Plastic Surgery

dr. singh & dr. abboushiYour initial high-bmi plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Singh or Dr. Abboushi -- two of Atlanta's best plastic surgeons -- can be scheduled as an in-person visit or via video conference.

Whichever option you choose, our goal is to ensure that you feel at home at Panacea the first time you contact us and every moment that you are under the care of our doctors and staff. We have created a boutique practice that is simply unmatched, and you'll feel it the minute you walk through the door at our Inman Park office.

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