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Transgender top surgery involves a variety of procedures that alter gender characteristics in the chest area, allowing the patient to look less like the gender they were assigned at birth and more like who they actually are. Top surgery for non-binary and gender-non-conforming individuals is also available.

Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi at the best top surgery surgeons in Atlanta. They perform both male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transgender top surgery (also known as gender- affirming or gender affirmation surgery). They work with their patients to help better align their physical traits with who they are on the inside, whether male, female, gender fluid or any other way in which they choose to identify.

Why Consider Transgender and Gender-Affirming Top Surgery?

If you feel as though you were born in the wrong body, you are definitely not alone. However, there is no need to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi offer both Male To Female (MTF) and Female To Male (FTM) transgender reconstructive top surgery in order to help provide their patients with the opportunity to live in the body they were always meant to inhabit. This is one of the most transformative procedures our surgeons perform, and it often changes the lives of their patients in incredibly positive ways.

We are here to give you the body that you were always destined to have. Take the first step in changing the rest of your life by contacting our office to schedule a consultation. Your consult with Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi will leave you feeling at ease, knowing you are being taken care of by the two best plastic surgeons in Atlanta.

Transgender / Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Options

Male-to-female (MTF) or Female-to-Male (FTM) surgical procedures can take between two and four hours and will vary depending on the type of surgery required.

Like all surgeries performed at Panacea, transgender MTF and FTM surgery is tailored to each individual's distinct needs and goals, allowing them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Female-to-Male Transgender Top Surgery (FTM Surgery)

Female-to-male transgender top surgery is also known as a mastectomy, or chest masculinization. Breast tissue is removed from the chest and it is contoured to give patients a more masculine appearance.

The female to male (FTM) reconstructive top surgery is intended for transgender males seeking to remove their breasts and create a more masculine chest. This surgery, known clinically as bilateral mastectomy, can be performed using either the keyhole or double incision technique, depending on the amount of breast tissue the patient has. Both techniques have the same objective of producing a more masculine and defined chest by removing breast tissue, excess skin, and resizing, reshaping, and repositioning the nipple or areola. During the consultation, Dr. Arslanian will determine which technique is most suitable for the patient's body.

The main goal of this surgery is to help patients align their external appearance with their internal identity.

The keyhole technique is used for patients with a smaller amount of breast tissue, typically A or B cup size. This technique involves making a small incision near the areola, partially attaching it to maintain sensation and blood supply, removing the fat and excess tissue through liposuction, and closing the incisions. Due to the minimal amount of tissue in the breast area, this technique is generally quicker and less painful.

The double incision technique is designed for patients with moderate to large amounts of breast tissue. This more extensive procedure involves making incisions below the nipple on both sides of the chest and pulling down the skin to remove the mammary glands and excess tissue. Minimal liposuction may be required if the fatty tissue is difficult to remove. After the tissue removal, the excess skin is also removed, and the incisions are closed. This technique typically results in more scarring as it covers a larger area of breast tissue.

Male-to-Female Transgender Top Surgery (MTF Surgery)

Male-to-female (MTF) transgender top surgery is also known as breast augmentation or chest feminization. Breast implants are added to the existing breast tissue for a more typically feminine appearance.

There are different techniques for transgender top surgery based on gender identity. Male to female (MTF) top surgery involves breast augmentation with either saline or silicone implants to enhance breast size and shape. Dr. Abboushi and Dr. Singh assist patients in choosing the type of implant that best suits their needs. The implant is placed in a pocket created in the chest. Patients also have to decide whether to place the implant on top or underneath the breast muscles, with both options having advantages. The doctors  most often use a technique called "dual plane" breast implant placement, and they will explain the details of each placement option during the consultation to help MTF patients make an informed decision. Our doctors have developed surgical techniques to help all patients achieve their desired appearance.

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Candidates for Transgender Top Surgery

Candidates for gender-affirming top surgery are those who have already considered the full implications and effects of beginning a physical transition to another gender. Candidates must also have realistic expectations of surgery.

Financing Gender-Affirming Surgical Procedures

Please note that we no longer accept insurance.

Unfortunately, some insurance carriers may still have us listed as a provider, and we are working diligently to ensure all insurance directories are updated and accurate. We appreciate your understanding.

The cost of top surgery at Panacea starts at $9000. We realize that plastic and cosmetic surgery is a major investment for most. Most patients choose to finance at least a portion of the cost of their surgical procedure or procedures. Many plans are available to cover the cost of plastic surgery, including 0% interest options. Please see our financing page for information about the different plans we accept.

Transgender Top Surgery Recovery

Physical recovery from MTF and FTM surgery can take 4-6 weeks, but most patients begin to feel more like themselves within 1-2. Patients should walk around after surgery to improve blood flow but swelling may not subside for weeks or even months, depending on the type of surgery performed. Full results will be seen 3-6 months Getting used to your new look can take longer and that’s why the doctors at Panacea Plastic Surgery like to walk you through the procedure and ensure you are comfortable and sure about your decision.

Making the decision to undergo any permanent procedure can complex. Here at Panacea Plastic Surgery, Dr. Singh and Dr. Abboushi are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have.

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