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CoolSculpting Questions


Common CoolSculpting Questions

If you are on social media or watch tv, you have probably seen ads for CoolSculpting . It is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available and for very good reason! CoolSculpting is the treatment doctors use most for nonsurgical fat reduction. This is our favorite treatment for stubborn fat areas that just won’t seem to go away. We are often asked a lot of the same questions either over the phone or in initial consultations. So, we want to dive in a little deeper and answer some FAQ and give more in-depth information to help you decide if this is the correct treatment for you! And if it’s not, we have one that is.

The most commonly asked question is, “What is CoolSculpting?”

Well, the scientific term is cryolipolysis, which is the freezing of fat. Fat cells do not like cold, so when treated at a certain temperature, they will freeze. After the cold has frozen and “killed” the fat cells, your body will spend the next 2-6 months, eliminating them naturally through your lymphatic system. The good thing about fat cells is that your body does not create new ones. So once those frozen fat cells are gone, they aren’t coming back. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to be used in 9 different areas of the body. These areas include: under the chin (double chin), abdomen, flanks (love handles), outer thighs, inner thighs, above the knee, bra fat, upper arms, and underneath the buttocks. It is important to remember that multiple cycles may be necessary for each area to achieve the desired result. We will discuss your goals at length and set up the best treatment plan for you, and you will begin to see the results of your CoolSculpting treatment in as soon as 1-month post-treatment. Final results may take up to 6 months, depending on the number of treatments and your metabolism.

What is the CoolSculpting treatment like?

During your consultation, we will discuss the areas you are interested in treating and decide if the applicator can be properly placed in those areas. We have applicators to fit many shapes and sizes, but it is important to remember that we are literally sculpting your body, so accuracy and placement play a very significant role. Prior to treatment, we will take before photos of the areas to be treated. This is important in your CoolSculpting journey because when we do the three month follow up photos after the treatments are complete, side to side comparisons are very effective. We will mark on your skin to ensure that the applicator is placed exactly where the targeted fat pads lie. The applicator vacuums the area in, and it is secured into place to ensure it does not move during treatment. Once the cold is initiated, the sensation is similar to holding an icepack to your skin for an extended period of time. You may feel tugging, mild pinching, tingling, cramping, and numbness. These are all completely normal and typically subside after about 10 minutes. Most treatment cycles last 35 minutes. Some may last longer, depending on the area being treated. During the treatment, you are able to relax, work on your computer, make phone calls, or even watch tv. We have blankets and pillows to ensure your comfort during the whole process.

Once the cycle is complete, the applicator is removed, and a 2-minute massage is performed on the area. This is done to help break up and disperse the frozen fat cells so your body can begin metabolizing them. During the massage, your body is regaining feeling and warming up. Some patients simply feel minor discomfort or cramping and tugging for around 30 seconds. Most patients don’t feel anything at all!

Is there downtime or recovery with CoolSculpting?

After the treatment, you are free to return to your regular everyday activities! There is no downtime. Of course, every patient is different, so some patients have reported experiencing temporary redness, bruising, tingling, tenderness, cramping, itching, and numbness. These should subside within a few days to weeks. On most areas, it is possible to retreat after 30 days. With each treatment, we are getting up to 30% fat cell reduction in the area. We encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in between treatments. Exercise, drinking lots of water, eating healthily, and watching your weight play a huge role in how CoolSculpting works. It is possible to gain weight still, as CoolSculpting is not a weight loss system, but a FAT reduction system.

When do I come back after my CoolSculpting treatment?

Follow-ups are vital in the outcome of CoolSculpting. Whether it is to retreat or to take progress pictures, setting up your future appointments before you leave is the best way to ensure you are staying on track. Your follow-ups will be dependent on the plan our specialist has come up with unique for you. Our CoolSculpting specialist is always available via email to answer any questions.

Can anyone get CoolSculpting?

First, one very important fact to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. CoolSculpting will be most effective on patients who are at or near their ideal body weight but struggle with unwanted fat pads and bulges. This is typically fat that sits above the muscle and is harder to lose from diet and exercise alone. CoolSculpting works best for those with healthy eating habits and acting lifestyle. More treatments may be required to achieve desired results if you are outside these parameters.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Every patient is different, and every treatment plan is unique. The only way to determine how many cycles you will need is to schedule a consultation. We do offer package pricing, which is a great way to stay on track AND save money. CoolSculpting goes along with the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program also, so all of your cycles will be added to your account for future savings. We also accept CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit for this procedure. Unfortunately, it is not covered by any insurance plans.

We love CoolSculpting, and we know you will, too! Give us a call to set up your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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