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The Value Of Choosing A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon


It Makes Sense

When going to a doctor for surgery on a torn ligament, you go to an orthopedic surgeon.   When you need a medical provider to take care of your child, you go to a Pediatrician.  So, when it comes to plastic surgery, it becomes imperative to choose one who has undergone the specified training and has completed a minimum number of successful operations.

Today we will talk about how to recognize a board-certified plastic surgeon for any of your cosmetic surgery (i.e. breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc) and non-surgical needs, plus the benefits of doing so.

Why choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

It is essential for you to do your homework before choosing a plastic surgeon. If you search, you will find numerous cases of plastic surgeries gone wrong.  In most cases, you will realize a common theme. The surgeons performing such procedures are not qualified. They lack proper education, experience, and certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). You deserve the best, and the best plastic surgeons are recognized by ABPS.

What about non-surgical procedures?

Non-surgical procedures have grown in popularity every year since Botox came out almost 20 years ago.  The great thing about this is the fact that we have so many viable options for patients that do not want a surgical option at this time.  However, a simple Google search for “botox gone wrong” or “filler gone wrong” will yield some interesting images.  Understanding the full anatomy of an individual’s face, including bone, muscle, fat, skin, nerves, and blood vessels, are all part of becoming a highly trained plastic surgeon. Merely trusting your non-surgical procedures to a provider that does not have the appropriate credentials is not wise as these procedures can cause injury in the wrong hands.

How do you recognize a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

In order to ascertain whether your plastic surgeon is qualified enough or not, the first thing that you should check is the ABPS credentials issued by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. It is vital that he/she holds the appropriate credentials rather than just a license to practice medicine only (MD). Though becoming a board-certified plastic surgeon is a voluntary credential, it guarantees that the surgeon has undergone the appropriate training and the residency program.

For cosmetic (or plastic) surgery, you need to make sure your provider is qualified enough for such a procedure. This is because they may not be certified by the ABPS but by another member board. There is a massive difference between a surgeon boarded by the ABPS and a surgeon that is not.  To find a board-certified plastic surgeon simply go to the ABPS website and perform some research.

Benefits that will accrue

The benefits you will reap by choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon are as follows:

1. Expertise

Expertise means experience.  A surgeon who has undergone a plastic surgery residency program and has at least five years of experience has already performed a number of surgeries, giving them all the necessary skills to help you reach your cosmetic and plastic surgery goals.  Both of our plastic surgeons at Panacea Plastic Surgery have been through the prestigious plastic surgery residency program at Emory University.  Plus, they have been practicing surgeons for almost a decade.

2. Safety

Plastic Surgery does not only mean restoring your youthful self again. It has a far-reaching impact as it affects your mental and emotional state as well. Understanding the importance of this surgery in your life, you want to find a plastic surgeon who has been trained in all aspects of plastic surgery and not just one particular component of a procedure.  Many problems arise out of a medical provider’s lack of training and understanding of how to avoid potentially life-threatening procedures.  This gives a board-certified plastic surgeon a distinct advantage as they have spent years understanding all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

3. Updated Medical Knowledge

As plastic surgeons obtain their certification after hard work, practice, and examinations, it does not end there. They need to keep themselves updated with the emerging ways and technologies in the field of surgery. The certificate ensures that the certifying body will keep imparting the updated knowledge to its surgeons. As a patient, it is beneficial for you that your plastic surgeon is up-to-date.

4. What’s best for you?

Sometimes the images and information we gather online is not the best information for making a decision regarding your surgery.  Whatever changes you want to make to your face, nose, lips, or body part may not be the best choice. If you are going the wrong way, only an honest and experienced surgeon can reason with you on this front. This is because they have the knowledge and typically know the result before even conducting the procedure.

A board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to tell you what is best for you; what procedure will be right for you, or what modifications to your choice will bring out the optimum results.

5. And the Biggest Factor

The most significant factor is money. On a single surgery, several thousand dollars are spent. What if the surgery goes wrong? Will the money be wasted? Unfortunately, the answer to that, in most cases, is “Yes,” it will be lost.  In order to make it right, you will most likely go to another more experienced surgeon. Perhaps a board-certified plastic surgeon this time. They will try their best to control the damage and to make it right to every extent possible. Of course, there will be fees again.

All this can be avoided by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in the first place. It will potentially save you money in the long run and will guarantee you that you are seeking the medical attention of an appropriate healthcare provider.

The Board provides vigorous training to its surgeon and aims to ensure that excellent service is provided to the patients. The plastic surgeons, as well, pass the written and oral examinations, obtain academic and clinical training, undergo a residency program, and perform a number of individual surgeries in order to obtain the certificate.

It must be quite clear from above that engaging a professional and experienced plastic surgeon is beneficial in each and every way. You receive the best care, the best procedure at the best price, and from the best surgeon. As a patient, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon or a surgeon that is “boarded” in something completely different.

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