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Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you desire to enhance how you feel and look with personalized services to surpass your goals, you've found the right place. Our highly trained team at Panacea Plastic Surgery is excited to treat patients near Atlanta, GA with personal aesthetic concerns and ambitions. Over the years, our staff has enjoyed receiving numerous reviews from patients of all ages who have experienced our thoughtful care firsthand. We welcome prospective patients to read over our extensive selection of testimonials and look forward to the goals you might accomplish when you place your confidence in the hands of our team.

Reviews for Breast Lift Services Near Atlanta, GA

5.0 Review from L.S. Source: Google Mar 24 2023

"Dr.Singh and the staff at Panacea Plastic Surgery are so wonderful! Corrine at the front desk always remembers me and efficiently checks me in relieving me of having to stand around awkwardly and when you are post op that means so much!! Kristin is incredibly kind thoughtful and informative! Amber is the GOAT she takes care of me and has the best energy! Dr Singh won me over during our consultation because she thoughtfully listened to me and heard my concerns without interruption, judgement or condescending to me. I am 3 weeks post op and am so glad I chose Dr. Singh to help me!!!"

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Jan 01 2023

"I had loose skin after losing weight - love my results - Dr. A is simply amazing! I will send my praises to him for the rest of my life. I had a plus size tummy tuck. After losing a significant amount of weight, I had loose skin which I hated so much! From the first conversation, I felt Dr. A's passion for the work he does. My surgery was May 2022 - it took me a while to bounce back but it was due to the amount of muscle repair that I needed. I love my results and will be returning for a breast lift. Love you Dr. A."

5.0 Review from M.T. Source: Google Oct 24 2022

"Dr Singh is amazing 👏 definitely pleased with my results."

5.0 Review from K.W. Source: Google Oct 24 2022

"Panacea is a great place! The staff is so welcoming and always friendly and available to help. I have had three procedures done with Dr. Abboushi and what I love most about him is how personal he is with his patients and the fact that he’s always available if you have any questions or concerns. His main goal is to make sure you’re happy. I will recommend Panacea Plastic Surgery to all of my family and friends because I’ve always been treated like family by Dr. Abboushi and his staff and I love my results!"

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google Oct 24 2022

"Had an amazing experience getting my breast done here. I can’t recommend enough"

5.0 Review from A. Source: RealSelf Mar 18 2022

"Reduction and lift - everyday gets better and so do the results - So the hype is real, this man has the awards to prove it. This practice has completely changed my life. I had a reduction and lift on 2/22/22 and was a nervous reck. I cried all the way up until they knocked me out lol. But one thing I must mention , is one nurse in particular. She was extremely kind and saw me crying and held me in her arms like a child. Just wanna say thank you to her again. For that. But the good stuff. I woke up tight and just wanting to continue sleeping. I was in recovery longer than expected bc I am a marijuana smoker so I assume I required more meds than the average. All my nurses and doc was aware of my smoking status. Day one wasn’t so bad. Neither was day two. Day three was rough just bc I’m sure I did too much. I never did take the percs pain pills they prescribed. Everyday gets better and better and so do the results. I will post pictures and you can ask me any questions below. He’s worth it. Truly."

5.0 Review from C.C. Source: Yelp Nov 04 2021

"Had an amazing experience getting my breast done here with Dr. Singh. I’ve wanted to get my breast done for years and saw multiple doctors for consultations. She made me feel super comfortable and never tried to convince me to get implants unlike other doctors. My new boobs are beautiful and perky and all mine i couldn’t be happier"

5.0 Review from C.C. Source: Google Oct 24 2021

"I had a great experience here! Dr. Singh and all the staff were incredibly helpful and available throughout the entire process (pre op and post op). I felt taken care of the entire way, and wouldn’t hesitate to choose Dr. Singh for any other procedures I’d be interested in in the future!"

5.0 Review from P.A. Source: Google Oct 24 2021

"I had a procedure done at this office and it went amazing! Dr. Singh is such a great surgeon and is so nice, I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable there. The same all of Panacea’s staff, they’re all so welcoming!"

5.0 Review from M. Source: Google Oct 24 2021

"First Star treatment!!! I was met with a friendly voice willing to to assist the first time I called. The genuine kindness and knowledge continued throughout my consultation and post op. Dr. Singh and her staff truly care about their patients and their results. It was a nice touch having a women surgeon! Girl power!!!"

5.0 Review from T.J. Source: Facebook Sep 07 2021

"Aesthetically pleasing and professional in every way! If reception and office visit etiquette are any indication of how well my delicate procedure will go; I’m in the best hands. Thank you in advance Dr. Singh for easing my heart and mind."

5.0 Review from N.T. Source: Facebook Aug 18 2021

"I dont know where to start! I met Dr Singh 7 years ago and I knew she was the one to get me right lol. on June 29, 2021 I trusted her to do an amazing job fixing what I had destroyed over time. It was one of the best decisions Ive made. Not only because the surgery was a success because I must say I look and feel absolutely amazing 6 weeks later but the love and support you receive not just from Dr. Singh but the entire Panacea staff! You guys rock! Im 51 years young and Dr. Singh snatched me back into my mid 30’s lol. Love you guys! #integrity"

5.0 Review from F. Source: RealSelf Jul 14 2021

"Explant with lift - I got 650 cc mentor implants after I had my baby. They're almost 5 years old. I'm getting an explant because I am currently a 34DDD or 36DD depending on who's measuring. Having big breasts was never my goal. I didn't want a scar from a lift so I went big to fill up the space so to speak. Long story short I'm just over having huge breasts. I have my surgery in the am. I am very excited.Updated on 15 Jul 2021:So today I got my surgery done. Everyone at Emory Decatur was so nice. I had a way better experience here than I did in Miami. Not necessarily by the doctor, because my doctor Miami was amazing. But the process felt way less comforting and the staff didn’t make me feel reassured. But I guess you get what you pay for. I was the first patient of the day. I was so very nervous. Had my surgery, and when I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I actually cried from it. Seeing how much distress I was in the nurse gave me one medication, that’s when I started crying because it still hurt, so she gave me some Dilaudid. I went to my original room to recover and was still in a lot of pain. The nurse there game me a roxy. I was still in pain. I felt everything would work then wear of. I am home and took my prescriptions (Percocet, robaxin, neurontin) and a Xanax so I could sleep. They knocked me out. I’m up but still tired. Took more meds so I can go back to sleep. I feel I’m in a lot less pain, but it is still there. It’s a combo between soreness and like a burning sensation like I can feel my incisions. To be fair, I was informed at the hospital that I can manage the pain but it won’t go all the way away. Dr Abboushi is so damn nice man lol. I want him to do all my procedures from now on. When I went to him I already had a surgeon picked out and I almost paid a deposit to them, then I saw him and his work and I decided “well let me have one more consultation and then decide.” I knew he was right for me as soon as he explained what he was going to do. It’s like he was reading my mind and saying exactly what I wanted to hear. He’s so very nice. That day I decided to switch doctors. Gave my deposit a week later. I can’t see my breast because I have to keep this garment on for three days before I can take it off the shower. But I did peek and look at my nipples and they look great. I can actually feel sensation in the left one. He even got the scar from a car accident off of my breast! Which I asked him if he could do during the consult and he said he wasn’t sure he could, but he sure did deliver. You might be able to see it in the before photo that I posted. If not I’ll post to clearer a picture if anyone wants to see the scar. Excuse my typos and possible grammatical errors but I’m kind of still high on my drugs and possibly anesthesia so bear with me. Updated on 15 Jul 2021:Updated on 19 Jul 2021:I’ve been outta there on meds lol. I lost a whole day somehow (Saturday) I haven’t been doing much besides eating and sleeping. Only sore sometimes, usually when I first wake up. Anyways, here’s a progress pic. Sorry for the lighting. My room in dark. Updated on 27 Jul 2021:Dr. Abboushi is a damn genius. I love them. No offense to anyone else’s surgeons but THESE titties are a work of art. The pics speak for themselves. I know it’s still early and there’s still some swelling and my scabs still need to go away, but I am already planning what gift I need to send to this gift of a surgeon. I followed my intuition when choosing one and just like always it’s never wrong."

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: Facebook May 17 2021

"The Service Is Out Of This World The Staff Gets a “A+” They Make U Feel At Home So Comfortable. Dr. Singh is The Best My Breast Look Amazing I’m Beyond Satisfied I LOOK LIKE A BRAND NEW WOMAN AND I FEEL SO GOOD AND LOOK EVEN BETTER. MY CONFIDENCE IS THREW THE ROOF THANK U SO MUCH PANACEA PLASTIC SURGERY/ DR. SINGH I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!"

5.0 Review from K.A. Source: Facebook May 05 2021

"Such a welcoming place to be. Everyone is so kind and always friendly. The staff members are easily accessible and will always answer questions and follow up to make sure you are satisfied. I felt cared for and not just another $."

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Facebook Mar 24 2021

"Dr. Singh and the staff are great. It felt like a family and a physician who is out for her patients..not the money. I originally booked somewhere else but after 1 conversation I changed to Dr. Singh. No regrets at all."

5.0 Review from H.C. Source: Google Oct 24 2018

"Great experience and amazing results!"

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Nov 21 2016

"Simply the BEST! - Words can't express what Dr. Kimberly Singh has done for me. I had a breast lift and implant exchange. I had several surgeries to correct issues..4 to be exact and she has been the only Doctor to correct and give me the breasts I always wish for!! She is also so compassionate and kind!!"

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Google Oct 24 2016

"Dr. Abboushi and the entire staff are awesome!"

5.0 Review from D.U. Source: Facebook Oct 08 2015

"Great experiences! Friendly atmosphere, staff very friendly and professional, Dr. Aboushi gave me what I wanted/needed. He is highly skilled, professional and I loved the results immediately."

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Mar 25 2015

"37, 2 Kids Have Wanted This for 15 Years! - Conyers, GA - Excellent, excellent, excellent! Healing is definitely a process but very happy! Dr. A is always available, answers all questions and gives honest opinion. The staff at Panacea is always pleasant and friendly. I have had 3 procedures done here and beyond happy with each. Don't plan on any more but if I did I wouldnt go anywhere else.Updated on 21 Apr 2015:Updated on 21 Apr 2015:"

5.0 Review from P.L. Source: Facebook Dec 04 2013

"Great Doctors with a wonderful staff!"
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